Forgotten account credentials.

Hello i'm FuNkYTheGreat!

Recently i signed out my account FuNkYTheGreat (around a week ago) and when i tried logging again i couldn't login, I even tried resetting my password but it says that email doesn't recognize, I tried contacting Beta Testers, but unfortunately no reply yet.

If any admin can help me recover my account that'd be great,

Thank you.

Check the SAMP Discord, contact a Admin there, otherwise PM one and be patient, it's probably been stolen.

I've already waited for more than a week.

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We also don't tend to believe "hi, I forgot all my details, please give me this account".
I can provide you every possible proofs, Here's my recent reset password email on my email (

But now it's saying this email doesn't recognized.

The only reason it would now not recognise your email address is if you've changed it in the meantime. Don't count on beta testers helping you out, there's nothing extravagant about having a legacy account. Creating a new account would just be easier in the long run.

I really want my account back..
I can provide every possible proof, so kindly help me..

I believe he is real one because real FunKy was active everyday. I even pm'ed him and he did not respond, he went inactive.

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