Binary logic - first time command usage <SQLite>

is there a way for some commands in my script for newly players when they type a command for the first time (either they responded with 1/0) it registers into SQLite query that player `player` has allready typed that command like the /shop command and it appear a thanks message for using this command for first time, then the shop menu opened and player can buy what ever hi/she wants.

on the SQL if its one no need for the message to appear onther time since he allready did.

thanks in advice and help best regards,
ill give even more details if nescessary,

sorry for bad grammar

Y_Less Will this schema be any of a good use?

Example the one column from the second table example: `cmdusage` will update with 1 if cmdone has been used
as for the other table `players` it will specify that column a text or either a integer/numeric adrress.

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