Running a SA-MP server without loss (These days)

I have a good gamemode idea and i can start that project plus im willing to invest some money to make a good server that will make enough money so i can run it without much loss, but is it really possible these days? Because i don't see many new servers succeeding...
All i want is a good community without toxic people etc (with a playerbase of atleast 30-40)

Well its mostly for fun because I always wanted to 'own' an active server with a good player base. My main aim is to run a server which can give me enough outcome to keep it running (pay for the host). I am totally comfortable with zero profit here if the servers is active and people are enjoying (it just gives me an odd satisfaction)

I'd prefer 50 players enjoying my server everyday than $20 more in my bank account. Just my 2 cents.

Same here! I really want

I have an really big and good gamemode but at the moment im broke

have a good server running on an optimised infrastructure with sensible donation incentives. can also host your services on a modern pay as you go cloud stack to avoid paying for hardware you don't need. too many times have i seen people invest in a highly priced dedi which is completely wasted

The popularity of SA-MP servers and potential to make money from running them is long gone, in the past (2010-2012) you could easily run a SA-MP server on a cheap host and get 50-100 players at a time with heaps of donations, these days you will spend $30+ a month and make nothing from donations (or very little), in the 2 and a half years I ran my server (2016-2019) I never made a profit, not even close to profit (We had 30-40 players during our early years 2016-2017, but over time the player base dropped until the end where we had barely any players even with hosted tab)

Current days with hosted tab I don't think it's even possible to have 20-30 players at a time on a new server, even some established servers can't even pull those numbers anymore.

The server I ran was established since 2010, I took over ownership in 2016, but we just could not pull the same numbers our server had years before.

You shouldn't take spending on a samp server as a loss that you aim to compensate. It's spending money for establishing a community project and competing others and not for earning money. Real money can only be earned if you design your own platform.

Start from small player slot if it is a success then slowly upgrade it in that way you can save money.

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