Duplicate case label

What the hell is wrong? I'm getting "duplicate "case" label (value 11) at this code placed on OnDialogResponse:

pawn Code:
/* ---- Commands Dialog ---- */
        case DIALOG_COMMANDS:
            if(!response) return 1;

                case 0: ShowGeneralCmds(playerid);
                case 1: ShowPMCmds(playerid);
                case 2: ShowGarageCmds(playerid);
                case 3: ShowCrateCmds(playerid);
                case 4: ShowCollectiblesCmds(playerid);
                case 5: ShowBountyCmds(playerid);
                case 6: ShowReputationCmds(playerid);
                case 7: ShowCookiesCmds(playerid);
                case 8: ShowPartyCmds(playerid);
                case 9: ShowDeathmatchCmds(playerid);
                case 10: ShowTeleportCmds(playerid);
        /* ------------------------- */

Well it\'s not that one.

Check your dialog's id. Probably you have some contrast.
Try to insert these in enum.

find somethere "case 11:" in your code and delete case, which is duplicated.

Duplicate "case label (value 11)" means you duplicated case dialog 11 in your switch. You may have some defines with same id of your dialog too, check out.

So I said it isn’t that one, referring to the inner switch in the code you posted. I forgot about the outer one - what is the value of DIALOG_COMMANDS? I guess 11, and I also guess another dialog is also 11. I suggest using far more unique IDs, like 56940983 instead of common numbers like 0-99.

I don't even use ID's for dialogs. I place them in an enum.

pawn Code:
//And so on..
And the problem is only with this dialog because with other dialogs there are no problems.

However i searched for case 11: and found nothing on OnDialogResponse.

You might have placed the same dialog id twice.
Which exact line is the error line? Search for that one to find it.

It's impossible to place same dialog ID because they're stored in an enum. The error line is referred to case DIALOG_COMMANDS: and i seriously can't see where Pawno has took out this "case 11" from. This is stupid.

Assign a value to the very first value in your enum, a higher value to be sure it doesn't conflict with any other dialogs.

pawn Code:
enum {
    DIALOG_TEST = 1337,
    DIALOG_CMDS // automatically 1338 and so on...

Ok assigned ID 1300 at first dialog, now:

pawn Code:
error 040: duplicate "case" label (value 1311)
Now i got it, 1311 is the dialog ID assigned to DIALOG_COMMANDS.

I tried #define DIALOG_COMMANDS 5000 (a more higher value) and it worked.

This Pawno is so damn strange.

So, again, two of your cases have the same ID, I don\'t know whats so strange to understand about that.

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