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What is Survival Z?

Survival Z is a unique server that based on Rust or DayZ and have some original features. It is goal to get players in a new environment where they have a lot of resources to be taken and use them to get a better equipment. It is a hard server for beginners, but due to its 'Role Playing Game Logic' everybody are quite familiar with it. They can level up and gain exp by doing some survival matters like cutting down trees which gives them 1 experience same goes with mining rocks. Crafting is also essential when it comes to survival type of game, Where you need to find materials like woods, coal, stone, iron, iron bars, clay and ambers which you will need to craft like bases, tools, weapons, vehicles and a lots of more.

Of course this will not be called survival 'Z' without having a Zombie. Survival Z has different types of zombies that will let you to feel the tense while doing some survival stuffs. You may not now when the time comes while you were cutting down trees there is actually a zombie that keeping eye on you. There are a lot of things you will enjoy playing this new type of survival gamemode in this era where you will never encounter in the other community. This server is well developed by ToiletDuck and there were a lot of great features for you to be enjoy.

We've been looking for you to come and join us and feel the new environment for you to live on.

A new type of Survival Gameplay is officially up. This gamemode is purely scripted 100% from the scratch and uses MySQL Database. Make a great survival tactics and become a topnotch survivor in the server!

The gamemode is carefully developed by ToiletDuck and making sure every system here works perfectly as much as possible. Implementing realistic survival features and environment.

You won't get bored here there are a lot of things to do in the server such as Scavenging, Crafting, Build a base, Player Hunting, Zombie Hunting , Mining, Lumber Jacking and more!

Altho there maybe incomplete system are not yet added to this version.

1. Crafting System
    Description: You can craft any Survival Stuffs that can be use for your Survival needs.
         Items can be craft:
           - Hammer: Use to Mine different types of Stones faster than normal.
           - Chainsaw: Use to Cut trees faster than normal.
           - Tire:Use to build a vehicle in the server (Feature not yet available)
           - Civillian Skin:Use to have your own clothes
           - Totem: This is first thing to for building a base In-Game also you can spawn here.
           and more...
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________
2. Survivor Skills System
    Description: This is very important feature in this server which you can enhance your survival instincts/skills that are needed for your Surviving needs.
         Types of Skills:
           - Crafter: Upgrading this skills will give you a lot of perks on crafting.
           - Fast Cutting: Upgrading this skill will let you cut down trees faster.
           - Fast Mining: Upgrading this skill will let you mine different stones faster.
           - Lumber Jacker: Upgrading this skill will give you additional woods when cutting down trees
           -  Miner: Upgrading this skill will give you additional stones/iron/clay/coal when mining
           - Hunger & Thirst or Endurance: Upgrading this skill will slowdown the consumption of Hunger & Thirst.
           - Carrier: Upgrading this skill will let you to have more slots in your backpack (Feature not yet available)
           - Engineer: Upgrading this skill will let you to craft or build vehicles in-game (Feature not yet available)
           - Military: Upgrading this skill will let you to hold or equip different type of military weapons
           and more...
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________
3. Level up System
    Description: This will make more the game-play enjoyable and challenging. Without this you cannot earn skill points. Remember Max Level in the server is 100 higher  level = difficult to level up. You can earn experience by doing survival stuff in-game. Killing players, Killing Zombies, Killing Deer(Feature not yet available), Mining, Lumber Jacking and Crafting.
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4. Inventory System
    Description: Ofcourse this is very important in every Survival gameplay. This is where you can store your loots and stuffs with the maximum capacity of 8. (You can upgrade it for more slots)
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________
5. Zombie NPC v1.0
    Description: We do have a Zombie in the server! There are 45 All in all in the server. Killing them will give you a lot of experience and check their corpse for loots! 
This System is not yet quite fully developed. You may encounter any inconvenience with this version we will improve it sooner or later.
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________
6. Realistic Corpse System
    Description: This System makes the survival more realistic where a Survivor died their corpse will remain. Any survivor can check the corpse and loot their loots. The corpse will be automatically deleted after 15 mins so be sure to come back where you died you might be lucky to have your items there.
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________
6. Loot System
Description: There are 213 Lootable Items being spawned randomly in the server. This is very important feature of this server where survivors can find and search for loots for their survival needs.
Additional Information:We got 54 Available Items, Each Items have their own uses! So be sure to find some!
List of Items:
Soda Can
Raw Meat
Portable Radio
Firstaid Kit
Night Stick
Golf Club
Molotov Cocktail
Silencer Pistol
Desert Eagle
Chrome Shotgun
Combat Shotgun
Sawn-Off Shotgun
Country Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Bodyguard Vest
Car Engine
Civillian Skin
Swat Vest
Swat Helmet
Police Helmet
Police Vest
Animal Fat
Red Iron Bar
Blue Iron Bar
Red Iron
Blue Iron
Iron Bar
Sniper Ammo
Shotgun Ammo
Assault Ammo
Submachine Ammo
Pistol Ammo
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________
7. Air Drop System
    Description: There are 4 Levels of Airdrops in the server. Max Items can be found in the Airdrops is 8, The level will depend upon the playerbase , also the Airdrops will triggered when there are stable 8 players online in the server for 30 mins.
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________
8. Base System
Description: One of the best feature can be found in the server where a survivor can build a base in the server and ability to store loots/craft an advance items and more!
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________
9. Car Wreck System
Description: You can find loots here so be sure to check them out!
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________
10. Mail System
Description: Players can now be rewarded easily and we used a mysql database so everyone who joined the players can receive their rewards!
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________
Additional Information:
- The lootable items will respawn in every 20 minutes server time.
- Survivor Corpse will remove in 15 minutes
- Air Supply Drops will drop when player counts is more than 8 players.
- When survivor die corpse will remain. Any Survivors can come and check their corpse, they may able to loot your items from your corpse.

We do have a small community and we've made a script from scratch that makes us unique but we lack funds, we would gladly accept any donations for a reasonable compensation through donation

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