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The fundementals of roleplay with experienced management.

Server: samp.lg-rp.net
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Legacy Gaming is a new Medium-Roleplay SA:MP Community that is ran by the players, and made for the players. The server is based entirely in Los Santos and uses a familiar and easy-to-use script. We have built our community on the idea that anything is possible. After watching many servers both succeed and fail, we've taken the time to look into the problems of each community and try our best to prevent them on ours. We can only hope that you give us the opportunity to provide a safe and enjoyable community for you to share your ideas and roleplay the way you want to.

We encourage new and old players alike to share in the creativity and suggest things that would enhance the roleplay experience for both themselves and others. Our staff is open to criticism and will not remove players from the community for having differing opinions. Our Executive Staff are accessible and will be there to listen to player feedback and our Development Team will do the same, including implementing good ideas and rewarding those whom suggest them.

New player benefits

For a limited time, new players will have access to the following benefits upon registration:
  • Lifetime VIP Silver Subscription - Players can visit the VIP Lounge & get several in-game incentives.
  • $500,000 starting cash - Players can jump right into the fun with a decent amount of money to start out with.
  • 3 Car Vouchers - No need to walk, anywhere (unless you want to).
Notable script changes
  • Gang turfs provide gangs with money.
  • Redesigned drug mixing system.
  • Detailed lock picking system.
  • Drop/Pickup weapon system.
  • Updated bank robbery script.
  • Three new business types, Chop Shop, Legal Gun Shop, Illegal Gun Shop.
  • Chop Shop employees have access to mechanic commands.
  • Chop Shop's receive money when a player delivers a stolen vehicle to the business.
  • Legal gun shop's are a way for players with a firearm license to easily buy a legal weapon without interacting with an employee. You may also purchase Pistol, Shotgun & Rifle ammo.
  • Illegal gun shops have a locker inside the interior of the store. Employees can use /gslocker which allows them to deposit and withdraw weapons which they can then sell to a player inside. You may deposit any weapon.
Faction Roleplay

Factions on LG:RP have stopped doing daily raids and harassing gang development. Factions now focus on their own internal development. Though the streets of LS are still safe, the fear of harassment from Law Enforcement Agencies isn't there. Factions support Gangs in the sense that once Gangs become fully developed and staffed, quality gunfights and roleplay can happen. We've realized that its more important to have basic factions with lots of members and good roleplayers, rather than having 15 factions with only a High Command. Currently the server supports: LSPD, San Andreas Armed Services, and just recently re-opened Underground Racing League!

Gang Roleplay

The new overhaul provides gangs with lots of opportunity to make money and to do more single-player related tasks like getting ingredients, mixing drugs, stealing cars, robbing banks, etc. Gangs have also received 3x as many turfs now available to capture than before! The opportunities exist, its just on you to get on, and seize them. Not interested in starting a group with your buddies? Not a problem, currently the following gangs roam the streets of Los Santos: Dojin-Kai Yakuza, Hell Moga Mopeds, La Reunion Espanola, the Egyptian Revolution Army, and we are looking for more!

What are you waiting for?

Server: samp.lg-rp.net
Forums: Click here
Teamspeak: ts.lg-rp.net


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