[Tool/Web/Other] FS Of Police Chase (Type: Need For Speed) Full Textdraw/BAR

Police system [PROJECT] - FS is almost done.

I'm on a project for a complete police system, similar to those for Need For Speed. (Need for speed Most Wanted)
The FS is practically ready, all you need to do is set the time each weapon will take to load.

FS contains:
Bar WANTED = if a BAR is full, car to the sigh to walk off Turns the MOTOR, turns the ALERT, car stays with 1% of HP (Black smoke)
SCAPE bar = if a full bar, full of police fear (Marker of the suspect becomes INVISIBLE), such as "Wanted / Escape / Level Bars and Texts are no longer seen by Suspect".
LEVEL = Suscept bar from 1 to 6 (Increase / decrease risk / low). (Not the same as the singleplayer Wanted stars)
Bar Search = Only appears in the police, when the SCAPE bar is full, is the suspect not see more as WANTED, SCAPE BARS. She seeks sus sus in the 500m
Radar = Gangzone police flash (RED / BLUE) do not RADAR for everyone SEE
Show that the Police Officer is Suspect (APPEAR for the 2) in METERS
View a distance variation in seconds (APPEAR for 2).

4 ARMS for police officer
5 WEAPONS for the suspect
Weapons Bar = GO GREEN when ready to use, while you're doing transparent

RPG Shooting: Car launches a missile forward
Interference: It releases the TYPE intercept the missile, but when it hits, it does not explode but the car makes suspicious starts to turn on and off the engine, turning the alert on and off ... (after a few seconds it returns to normal)
Turbo: Increases speed by 5 Seconds, then returns to normal.
Impulse: Drive the police route forward, if the engine sigh, drill the 2 tires from behind, turn the car engine off for a few seconds. (Similar to the San Francisco Driver's DRIVE mode, Need for Speed ​​...) can easily configure drive efficiency.

Shield: Increases the car's LIFE to "99999999" for 10 SECONDS, then returns to normal LIFE
Camouflage: The POINT / NAME of the PLAYER is invisible on the map for 5 SECONDS, and the police officer with the suspect for 5 seconds
Turbo: Increases speed by 5 Seconds, then returns to normal.
Landmine: Car unlocks a MINA, if the police line goes over to explode
Safe Area: Creates 7 safe areas for the role of suspect, if the suspect is inside the safe area, it is almost impossible to be suspicious, INVISIVEL Point / nick, invisible TAG ... (Total of 30 places each time you type the command , opens 7 random safe areas) 0.001% chance of safe cop find, kkk

Watch the VIDEO, and give suggestions and tips that improve or not in FS, soon I will be posting as FS!
VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADMntblhVWU

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