server problem

Hi . i just runned my gamemode on a vps but there is a problem , i tested all parts in my local system and workes well but when i have it online server will not read some codes and some times game mode will get unload (i mean everything will disapear and nothing happend from gamemode) whats the problem guys? i am going to try this on lan mode tomarrow but can it realated to vps , ram and ... ?
srry for my bad eng


Can you provide server logs from the startup? Could be a case of mismatching plugin versions.

Providing a log will allow people on the forums to assist properly. Can you provide that?

unfortunately i dont have it my vps time expired and the log was deleted , its fine on my pc but when it get online will show this problems , i think its ralated to players , i think if i be alone on server (online) it will be good too but when someone else connect it will show the problems -_-

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