Help me please making a car ownership.

Hi there, I have tried to make a car ownership on a RP game mode, but I failed . I want a car ownership that when you enter a car it says "You have entered a (name of the car): Owner(If no one bought it , it should say none and if someone bought it, it should say their name). You will keep this car for ever, and you can also buy it and sell it with out any dealers. Meaning, you can go to any dealer place and just do /buycar or /sellcar. If someone has this mode, please send it to me on my email or just post it here. Email-

Also, if someone has the script when someone leaves and rejoin theserver then respawn where they left off, if you have both of them please Post it here. Thanks so much!

does anyone have one?

There are like 100 car ownership filterscripts. Use the search bar.

Actually, 7.

[FS] Seifehicle - The advanced vehicle ownership script > CURSOR-COMPATIBLE
[FS] Car Ownership & Trunk Storing System
[FS] Vehicle Ownership System
[FS] Car Ownership (Godfather Compatible)
[GM]Car System 100% Works
***New*** [INC] tAxI's Vehicle Shop/Menu with XVM Menu and Modsaving
[FS] Lords Cars (no scripting needed car system)

Close enough

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