Best way to make a streetname system (RP)


So I am looking into making a streetname feature on my RP script. But what is the best way to do this?
I saw people who had scripts with zones, I saw people who had scripts with area circles, and someone else suggested Nodes (idk how to use those).

What do you guys think?

use gangzone functions its way better

use gangzone functions It Shoulb Be Better

Street names is best to use streamer for dynamic areas you can try by making a sub-area for streets gangzones are men't only for gang related systems make a base script (Beta) for a street if it works shift it into a array for SF later do it for LS and so on for LV

Use poly areas and put them in an array. Then make it so if a street sign is spawned it automatically checks which zone it's in and applies the street name.

Map street signs at every corner and then add an address to every business/house. That would be sickk. If I seen something like that on an rp server id be hooked af

Even tho im p sure rcrp has that.. but if i seen that in a big city like LS then id be super impressed

1. Find on ****** with the following keyword "GTA SA Detailed streetname"
2. Download and install (if that script require you to install)
3. Open notepad.exe then write a streetname and dont forgot to /save. //if you gonna use it for textdraw
4. Make some const string with streetname you've write it on notepad.exe.
5. Compile it and you're ready to go!

(* lol *)

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