/mybusinesses not working.

I don't know what's the problem in /mybusinesses command.
When i type this command its say you don't have a business
I have 2 businesses and the /mybusiness says you don't have a business

Here is the codes:

pawn Код:
CMD:mybusinesses(playerid, params[])
    new bizid = -1,

    for(new i = 1; i < MAX_BIZ; i++)
        if (isequal(biz_info[i][biz_owner], pName(playerid), true))
            format(szString, sizeof szString, "[Bunisess: %s {%i}]", biz_info[i][biz_name], i);
            strcat(szString, szFormat);

    if (bizid == -1)
        return SCM(playerid, -1 "You don't have a business");

    SCM(playerid, white, szString);

    return 1;

build you system with autoicreament id
because when player wants to change his name the system doesn't work

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