[FilterScript] [FS]Missions filter script

Here is my "missions" filter script
files are zipped

>> http://www.box.net/shared/8mkuggkn5q << zipped
updated /crst is removed

inside is a filter script and missioncars.txt you need to add to your game mode
add them to the top of your list as some are locked untill you have taken the missions
this allso adds 1 scrap yard, 5 hospitals, place to sell "hot" cars, 4 robbery missions, sex shop missions, mission for kacc fules, drug missions, skydive, scuba dive, and some int`s

http://pastebin.ca/614072 <pwn here>

updated commented out /crst add it to your gamemode to use
thanks astariod for that bug

whare the pwn code? you must give it too

No offense, but 7z isn't exactly "run of the mill" either. Just zip it.

well ,better you add the pwn code before some admin will close that topic..

original post updated sorry for any inconvenience enjoy

well ,its sounds good but I dont understand whate hoimh on ,there is a trucks but they lock..

yeah you need to find the trucker mission start point >Whitewood estates

the missions are there to find ...
"some are locked untill you have taken the missions"

where does all those missions start? It makes me confused

look were the cars are added


ur pawno crashes for me when tried to compile

btw that ur command /csr Check Points Reset
cancels all others commands

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