SignText Errors and Unable to save screenshot

Ever since I updated to the new (0.3.DL) version, this issue keeps buggering me.

Whenever my game runs for a long time, it decides to "fuck it" and starts failing to load SetObjectMaterialTexts and I cannot save screenshots either.
The issue is not unique, the server I play on has multiple players reporting this, one had this on a worse condition, it kept spamming him right after he started the game.
It is spamming the text whenever you get close enough (to render) to the object that has Text on it.

I know this might be a non-fixable bug in the current R1 update, but please fix it for the R2.

I can confirm that those issues don't exists...
cause' i save screenshots without problems, and i use SetObjectMaterialTexts for some objects..
So i think you're doing something wrong.

You can see in the next image that i using a custom skin... and the screenshot is saved

and in this image i'm using Arial for that object text... and i don't get any error messages


Not 0.3.dl related, remove your mods they cause it.

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