Help with an AC

Hey guys anyone got an Anti Cheat against

Troll boss cmd /tb.kick:
command is spawning a near vehicle around you and TP you in the sky the problem is i think is bypass and let's say / is teleporting you who used the cmd into a player car and fire it and the AC i have is working for this one(tp hack) but the /tb.kick is not teleporting you .. is teleporting another player.

And another hack that i think is a hard one

Lag troll right click and left one:

If you are in a vehicle/bike/bout and you see a player in a vehicle you can select him and freeze him and slaping him ...

Any idea how to solve this.. ? Nex, JB, even dosen't work.

We can patch this up, check your pms. Also are u using the latest version of my include?

EDIT: We have patched the cheat up in my anti car troll, it now detects both of the cheats the OP posted, link to my anti car troll :

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