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Supreme Roleplay was created on December 3rd, 2017. On the day we first opened we had a lot of friendly players join our server and had an active playerbase of 15-25 during the past month. Currently, we have over 500 registered accounts on our server database and over 100 players registered on our forums! We have a custom script with some never before seen stuff on any other server which makes us unique. We would like to share this amazing gaming experience with everyone else so they can enjoy it as well. I will list just some of the amazing features you will find in our server below. Supreme Roleplay is a medium roleplay server. We do encourage everyone to roleplay to higher standards and just to the best of their abilities. Everyone is welcome in Supreme Roleplay, even if you're new to roleplaying in general. We have many helpers, teachers, moderators and administrators in game who are dedicated to helping you learn!

Administration Team

We have a very professional, friendly, respectful and mature admin team. All of our administrators and moderators are closely watched to make sure everyone is treated fairly and equally. No abuse whatsoever is tolerated within the administration team and is severely enforced. All of the administrators have separate different roles they are in charge of such as leading the helper and teacher Team, handling refunds, handling the families and handling the factions. Most of our administrators are handpicked. However, we do have moderator applications as a formality to know that you're interested and whether you're qualified or not. We also have a Forum Administrator Team who are in charge of making sure all of the forum rules are enforced.

Donation System

We have a unique donation system. After donating a certain amount of money, you will be given an out of character currency considered as Donation Points (DPS). We have a VIP Shop which is located just north of the Conference Center in the parking garage. At the VIP Shop, there are several items you can buy including accessories for your character, rare vehicles, rare guns and car toys. If you're not interested in any of that, you can also change your character or account name, get a VIP phone number, buy respect points (used to level up) and increase your maximum car slots. You are also allowed to sell your DPS to other players for in game money!

Basketball System

We have a great basketball system. There are two places where players can go to play basketball, the Jefferson basketball courts and a custom mapped basketball court at Unity Station. It is a very simple system but fun to play as well! There are a few controls to play basketball. The Sprint Key is used to tackle someone, and try to steal the basketball from the other team. The Walk Key is used to defend the ball and prevent someone from stealing it from you. Also the Jump Key, which is used to dunk the basketball in the hoop! This can only be used when you're near the hoop.

Locker System

We have two lockers located in Los Santos, where you can safely store your items without having to worry about them being stolen! There is one locker located at Unity Station and another one located in the allyway by the East Los Santos Cluckin' Bell. You can store all sorts of items in your locker, such as drugs, weapons and cash.

Tagging System

We have an amazing tagging system, which only members of official families may use. You must have a spray can on hand when spray painting a building. You can choose your own color for your tag, and write custom words which will show up in the tag. Everything shows up in a dialog box, making it easier and more enjoyable for our players to use.

Car Wash System

[FONT="Tahoma"]We have a fully working car wash system as well to improve the roleplay! It is very realistic, giving the players the option to pay to enter the car wash. Your vehicle will then be rolled into the car wash, and be sprayed with water for a certain amount of seconds, just as a car wash in real life! There is currently one car wash, located behind the Idlewood Gas Station. More may be added in the future.

Cookie System

We have a unique Cookie System as well. Cookies are a reward given to players from teachers, moderators and admins for good roleplay. Cookies can be converted to Donator Points (DPS) at the VIP Shop, more information about that is listed above. Cookies help you on applications for factions/staff positions as well as it shows how active you are and how well your roleplay is depending on how many you have.

Crafting System

We have a super cool crafting system! This is considered as a job, which can be obtained in the garage by the Idlewood Gas Station. You can craft many cool items with this job with materials, which are also the items used to make guns for the arms dealer job. However, it does cost a lot of materials to make these items and is not cheap. Some of the items you can create are illegal broadcasters, this is used to hack into the LAPD/FBI/GOV police radio scanners, this will give you the ability to use /r and /d. You can also craft a megaphone, which gives you the ability to use /m (/megaphone) inside of your vehicle. There are also gate hackers. cell phone tappers and radio tappers. Gate hackers allow you to hack into private gates at other players private properties, the cell phone tapper and radio tappers allows you to listen to a certain players cell phone or walkie talkie conversations. There are cell phone and radio jammers, which gives you the ability to crash someones cell phone or walkie talkie conversation as well, and many more!

Account System

We have an amazing account system here at Supreme Roleplay. With our account system, you are allowed to make your name anything you want when you first log into our server, as it will not be your character name. After logging in, passing the roleplay test and choosing a password, you will then choose a name for your character. You are allowed to have a maximum of six characters on one account. You do not have to quit the server and log back in to play on a different character! You can simply change characters by typing one command which is /switchchar. After typing this command, it will give you the option to choose to play on one of your six characters!

Helper System

We have a unique helper system. There are several helpers and teachers in game who are there to help you if you have any questions regarding the script. All you have to do is ask the question in /helpme and a helper or teacher will get to your help request as soon as possible! To become a Helper, you must apply on the forums using the correct format. We are still hiring new Helpers who are willing to take some time out of their roleplay to help new and old players who may have any questions.

Faction System

We currently have eight ( 8 ) factions that players are allowed to apply for on the forums. Unfortunately, some of our factions are closed and you may not join them until further notice.

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) (forum) - Open
Los Angeles Fire & Medical Department (LAFD) (forum) - Open
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (forum) - Closed
Government (GOV) ( - Open
SAN News (SAN) - Open
Hitman - Status N/A
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - Status N/A
National Guard - Closed

Family System

We currently have seven different official families in game such as street gangs, mafias, racing crews and motorcycle clubs. Anyone is allowed to apply to create an official family on the forums which has an actual IC/OOC motive, a good roleplay story/history and will increase their roleplay. There are a few rules and requirements that must be met which all can be found on our forums. All families are required to post screenshots or videos of their in game roleplay otherwise they may be considered as inactive and the family will be deleted. There is a turf and point system for families, once you take turfs and points you will get a reward in the family safe! If you'd like more information on the in game families, you may speak to a F/F (Family/Faction) Administrator in game.

Job System

There are several different jobs in game as a way for players to earn money in character. Most of the legal jobs can be obtained inside of City Hall such as the Lawyer, Mechanic, Taxi Driver and Trash Cleaner job, whereas illegal jobs can be obtained in different locations throughout Los Santos. Some of the illegal jobs include Arms Dealer and Drug Dealer, used to sell guns or drugs to people or use the gun for yourself. However, there are different methods you will have to use to get the items to make these.

User Control Panel

The server has it's own custom User Control Panel which allows you to manage your account without even logging into the game, directly from the website, anywhere in the world. You can change your skin from there too while taking a look at your statistics and inventory items on all of your characters. This project has not been fully tested therefore it has not yet been put up for use by public but it soon will.

Why should I play on SPRP?

Why should you join this server out of all of the other 300+ servers out there? Good question! Well, our script is custom made from scratch. It is not an edit from any server, it is absolutely unique. Yes, there are many other servers out there that are made from scratch as well but you probably have never seen one like Supreme Roleplay before! We have a realistic economy, none of our players have more than $10,000,000. The majority of them don't have a maximum of $1,000,000. We have lots of custom mappings located all around Los Santos and are still adding more which our amazing mappers will create. One of the owners is a scripter who is in charge of adding the updates that are suggested on the forums, and just generally adding stuff that he believe will benefit the script! There will be many more updates coming very often. The first day we opened, we got up to 30 active players who are usually online around the same time due to timezones. We would like to expand our player base so everyone can enjoy the roleplay and the fun! We also have a very friendly community and administration team. At Supreme Roleplay, almost everyone gets along. It's a wonderful community to play at once to get to know each other.

I'm going to check it out, where do I start?

Once you first join, it is suggested that you first get a job so you can start earning money if you would like. You can either go to City Hall to get a legal job, or one of the illegal jobs from one of the locations around Los Santos.

You can also buy a car from one of the two car dealerships if you want, there is one just west of the Jefferson Motel by the parking lot where you can get normal vehicles from. There is another one in Rodeo at the Grotti Dealership which you can get sports cars from. You can apply to join a legal faction on the forums, if you want. If you would like to join a family, you can find one of the leaders/members in character and roleplay in their hood. If you're lucky enough, they might just make you an official member of the family!

There are several houses located all around Los Santos for sale at different prices! When owning a house, you can buy a family safe inside which you can store all of your in character items in, such as guns, drugs, money, materials, etc. All of these items will be safe in there! That's pretty much it! Oh, and of course don't forget to roleplay and have fun. You can join our Teamspeak 3 server if you would like to speak with other members of the community, the IP You can also create an account on our forum at! There are many different sections on the forum where you can interact with other players on the server and introduce yourself. If you need any help in game, don't hesitate to ask in /n or /report if only an administrator can handle it!



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