Create a section for Poland+Czech

I've noticed the subject of the previous one and when locked up I have to thus.


Unfortunately we're not going to add any more language sections.
Polish section was already created few years ago but it has been removed due to lack of activity, it's not coming back.

You are right that this is not true but it would be good to put these two languages together and they are almost common and it would be better.
Certainly Polish and Czech users would agree. It is necessary to give a chance and whether it is worth it.There are many people of Czech and Polish origin. Thanks.

set dugi and niCe as bmods for these forums and voila i mean it doesnt harm anyone does it

Sorry it's not going to happen, we had those sections few years ago and they had hardly any activity, those countries have their own sa-mp related forum so they wouldn't use it either way.

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