What Happen To The Last Of Us (Sa-MP)

From what I know, Riddick has decided to not develop it anymore.


I am Riddick, and if I can be honest with you guys.. then I gotta say.. I have formatted my PC very recently and the latest updates that I have done been lost because I am stupid
Sorry, but I am not coming back to this project since I can't see any more interest in it.. I don't want to develop it anymore because I got really bored of it and can't find anymore time for it.
I am logged in as "Mr. Nobody" because I have just used Discord link that I have posted on the forum.sa-mp.com. I am really sorry to say that to all of you, but SA-MP is a great thing but I can't be asked to work on this project anymore with such a "tools" that are provided with that old procedural language. It's just too confusing and painful to do. Whenever I try to script something unique, make it great or something... I have lost " it " when I have formatted my PC and didn't do a copy of source file with the latest updates.
Latest updates been posted in #project-updates - last two messages that I have posted been lost with my PC format. I can't be asked to re-do it again since it took me a whole day.
I am sorry to say that - but this is where SA-MP ends for me, since 0.1b version.. it's been seriously 10 years of my life. I was 13 or so when I have found out about this modification for GTA: SA..
Time to leave the scene. Well, I know that's a shame because project had its potential but SA-MP (not limtations) is... very "straight-forward" application that is not supposed to work with any custom files to be installed in the client. For each of you to be able to play TLoU (SA-MP) you would have to download that simple *.exe file that I have created. It's bloody easy and nothing complicated. It is an installed just like SA-MP.exe is - it finds your GTA: SA path etc. BUT - there's that point where you are actually asked to download it otherwise you can't play on my server.

That's why I didn't like it. It was really cool to see what SA-MP could do and what could have been done. I was seriosuly happy to do it and run the server 24/7 on that gamemode but.. I am not into it anymore. So once again I am very sorry to all of you, I won't be surprised with everyone will be mad at me but we don't even know eachother.. I am a really busy guy and I can not let myself to get distracted by this addictive application anymore. SA-MP is like a drug or alcohol or smoking.. you really get used to it and can not leave it.

I have to put that barrier between me and this part of my life and just carry on. I was really happy to see all of you being interested in this project.. Sometimes I say one thing the other time I say something different.

Just recently I have been promoted to be a coordinator of a very big company and I have a lot of stuff to do on my bloody head.. In between of that (if any of you care) I work at 7AM till 3PM (or at least I should be) then I have some remote job to do from home and most of the time I have enough and I land in my bed around 8PM which is crazy for a 23 years old guy like me.. It's not even dark yet.

I was thinking about this project a lot, I loved it etc.. but the lack of OOP in PAWN is a big no to me.. procedural stuff is just slow in game and it doesn't look that good. It was really fun though, thank you.


From the start to end, i though its going to release soon.

There is already released version of The Last Of Us

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There is already released version of The Last Of Us
What are you saying? hes talking about the Riddick project. for sure you dont get it whats the point.


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy_MDmIWeDw

People get excited when they meet something fresh for SA-MP, but they never think that it requires the double time to complete it since it's like parsing a game to SA-MP. So after they get used to the idea, they get demotivated. That's how it works. For stuff like that you really need a big team that can motivate each other for each progress. Stability is the key.

I still remember the first time that I took a look at the thread, the vid that he made, he did a good job on developing the server.

This guy reminds me of the inception

I don't know why people are so dissapointed about this, it's not like he had any significant innovative scripts, all it was, was an original idea and a bunch of mods.

I am willing to bump this thread just to clarify something..

The project has begun back in 2014 December when I was living back in the UK on my own, where days were rainy and boring as hell.

I was a few years younger back then (thank you captain obvious) and had a little bit more time. I was unfortunately (or fortunately?) the only developer on that project. I was unable to create the right team to finish off that project and I am saying here the Mapping Team and Modelers Team. My skills back then.. I wouldn't rely on myself a few years back.

Since I got back to my home country (reason behind that was mentioned in the original thread) and found a job as a programmer and learnt a few quick tips that were really great (I am talking here about the programming rules and modular programming) everything just got better. Back when I started The Last of Us project it was just a big file with shit packed all together. Imagine debugging that and finding all the bugs that other players could report. Yeah, screw it.

Everything went to the bin last year, when I have managed to lose latest source file of the project. I made some major changes which I was not able to retrieve back. These changes were a few days work (especially the textdraws/sprites.. Jesus, that was a lot of work). So I didn't want to re-do them and decided to dump the project.

As much as I love The Last of Us game and I have grown up a bit I have decided to re-do the whole project from scratch this year January. Since that time I have started the "Family project" (real-life thing if you know what it is) and TLoU (SA-MP) is somewhere here in the background. The Last of Us (SA-MP) is being constantly updated, and you can see all the new features and changes on my Discord server (you can find it in my description).

As for now, I am the only developer of the project with a single mapper (who's the guy can't be doing mapping on daily basis) and my old fellow friend modeler is coming back up to the team soon.

So I would like to say sorry for what happened back then and I hope that the current version and progress of the project is a quite of a recompensation to you.

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