Samp server lags

I have my own RolePlay gamemode that i was editing and stuff and 1 month ago it was perfect.After that i didnt open the server for a minute.And yesterday i opened it and it was lagging like hell.I have a clock InGame and when i joined it showed 13:40:15 and it freezed and after 10 seconds it showed 13:40:25 and like that it lagged a lot and it never did that before.Idk what the problem is can someone help me is the computer or something.I also play it on the IP

Could be infinite loops, also the IP is localhost
Nobody can join your server from that

Check timers, disable them. Check again.

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Check timers, disable them. Check again.
Dude its not the timers,read a little the server lags not the timers -_-
And i checked the timers they are all right.The problem is that when i type something it says it after 10-15 seconds.

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