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Hello guys, today I want to release a roleplay game mode developed by me for Los Santos Roleplay (ita).
I would avoid writing long texts because I don't have a great knowledge of English, therefore I talk about scripts directly.
I want to specify that this game mode is full dynamic except few things (arrest point, for example).


- Account system with a limit of 3+ characters for account;
- Inventory System with 10 items for characters, 20 for houses, and 2+ (according to model) for vehicles;
- Keys System (players can give a copy of their keys of houses/vehicles/biz to other players);
- New phone system, with the possibility to own a lot of phones (disposable too). Every phone has call & sms logs and phone books. Though a player drop a phone, logs or contacts aren't lost;
- Telephone Repeaters System in all San Andreas (if the signal is low, some parts of text are replaced by dots);
- Vehicles System with a lot of commands for handle them (tune, spawn, despawn, upgrade, show fines, remove/set license plate, tow, inventory, give key, park, etc...);
- Dealership System (with textdraws) and handled by staff, that can change models and models' price everytime;
- Drugs (marijuana, hashish, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, crack, pcp, ecstasy, amphetamine, purple drank, lsd) effects, production (laboratory) and addiction systems.
- Import System for illegal factions (import drugs, weapons, disassembled weapons, ammo);
- PayPhone System (every payphone has a number and it's possibile to call them);
- Mobile Data Computer System for police (impound vehicle, insert/read criminal records, insert/edit/read/remove all points bulletin, give/remove/show logs weapon licenses, search citizen/plate/number);
- Advanced Bug System (place in houses, vehicles and on players and listen/remove them) for police;
- Illegal Industries System that sold products like methylamine, ammonia and a lots of other products;
- Snakecam System with actors for police;
- Boombox System with custom audio for premium and radio for normal players;
- Texas Holdem Poker, Blackjack, Slot machine and Roulette Systems;
- Custom Animation System (players can create animations in game and all can use them if they know nickname);
- Advertising System with the possibility to leave the advert online for several hours (/onlineadv);
- Taxes System (handled by government faction in game);
- Place Description System (three slot for player);
- Graffiti System for illegal factions (only if the faction is enabled from an administrator);
- Anticheat (money, weapons, ammo, teleport, crasher, airbreak, invisible, health, armour, vehicle repair, jetpack, car hack, silent aim);
- Furniture System for houses and buildings. 800+ objects with some commands to handle furnitures (/frot, /showid, /texture, etc..);
- Complex System (the owner of complex can rent or sell to other players the houses present in the complex);
- Advanced Report System (for admins and players);
- Tolls System;
- Teleport System (for factions);
- Faction System (rank 1, 2, 3 and admins can change skins, salaries, etc..);
- Building and House System;
- Trucker, Taxi Driver, Mechanic and Farmer Jobs;
- Fishing (on boat and on foot);
- New weapons damages;
- Possibility to upgrade strength and health points (/upgrade).

...and a lot of other systems.

The User Control Panel (Sublime Web) is my first work in PHP & HTML, so excuse me for possible shitcode.
Has some features, as character application, handle characters and accounts (own & others for admins), show players' inventory, mobile data computer for police and others features.

Click here to download Sublime Game.
Click here to download Sublime Web.
Click here to download Sublime Database.

Excuse me for my bad english.

Great release.


Good job my friend, but anyway why?


Good job

It's good but it's in another language.

RIP I thought its related to Sublime text but then I realized it has a gamemode prefix with it.

Looking nice! gonna check it out later!

Wait User Control Panel ...

It's in Italian.. Good released but the language.

Just dont release non english gamemodes unless someone is going to translate it.
It will be a waste of time in my opinion.


Am I the only person that gets kicked because my account does not exist? Lol.

I think must register on UCP? Lol.

Great release. Has some time-saving features.

Added download of Sublime Web (User Control Panel).

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Added download of Sublime Web (User Control Panel).
Do you have full sql?

wrong sql

Nice men

Verifica il captcha. ??

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