Countryside Roleplay [GRAND OPENING]

Countryside Roleplay is a Roleplay server based on the popular game mod San Andreas Multiplayer for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The server is based in the area of Red County and promintently features cities such as Palomino Creek and Montgomery. With our emphasis on exciting roleplay, dedicated staff members, and plentiful opportunities, Countryside Roleplay is a wonderful place to call "your server" on San Andreas Multiplayer.

Countryside Roleplay is managed by a board of three experienced and veteran members of the San Andreas Multiplayer community. Each member of our board, which we call our Executive Board, is equipped with the knowledge and ability to perform all tasks to provide the best experience for Countryside Roleplay.

The developers of Countryside Roleplay has taken steps to develop and perfect a script that is both unique and simple to understand for players. Our features include:
  • Dynamic Faction System
  • Metal Detectors, Working Garbage Cans, and more
  • Inventory system
  • Creative and Enticing Jobs!
  • And Much More!
Countryside Roleplay has the basic factions of any Roleplay server. However, none of these factions need leaders. You may apply for some factions, others not really.

These factions include:
  • Red County Sheriff's Department
  • Red County Fire Department
  • Red County Government (*)
  • San Andreas News (*)
(*) = Not available to everyone at this time (however, will become available soon)

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