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We first launched in January 2007, and have opening our doors to thousands of players for the past 10 years. Our script has been developed significantly over this period of time, and is now the most advanced it has ever been. It's been a long time since we advertised ourselves, however we feel now would be the ideal time to do such action with our community growing stronger by the day, and our server sitting at 40+ players on a daily basis since re-joining the hosted list. Recently we have expanded out team and become as part of a gaming community under Exhibit Gaming, which contains an experienced set of admins who have been administrating servers for 8+ years and have been apart of the SA:MP community since day one. The aim of the server is find the right balance between the players who want to come and freeroam freely within a server and enjoy the benefits of a well scripted server, and the type of player who wants to come and roleplay with a group of players within a community, we have attracted each of these types of players for years and both have enjoyed the server in harmony.

Organisation System
Our organisation system is the core element of the server, used within Roleplay and FR the system allows great flexibility for all types of players. The system itself is categorised into a variety of different organisations, I will mention some of them types below. All organisations that are created via the players' requests, have the following generic functionality.
  • An exclusive Org Channel allowing all org members to communicate privately.
  • Leader and Co-Leader functionality.
  • An Exclusive Law Interior.
  • Fully functioning gates (Created on request by the leader).
  • CCTV Capabilities along with Alarm systems to alert of any intruders into the organisations HQ.
  • A unique Organisation Colour, set of skins, Weapons and Vehicles all requested by the organisation’s leader.
  • A fully dynamic system, allowing great flexibility for editing and creating organisations without the need for a server restart, all changes are made in real time.
  • A wage system, set by the current President of San Andreas for each type of organisation.
  • A dedicated Checkpoint allowing for leaders and co leaders to have full control over their organisation, such as set individual ranks/rank titles and permissions for org weapons and vehicle access.
  • Up to a potential 24 Members limit & 24 Vehicle limit for each organisation created.
Law Organisations
Our laws orgs at the moment are made up of SAPD,SWAT and SAAF, each of these law forces working together to combat the crime that occurs within the server. Law organisations have exclusive features that allows them to combat crime, some of these features are listed below.
  • A law channel, allowing all law orgs to communicate with each other.
  • A full wanted system, allowing law members so see which players are wanted, and additional information such as who wanted the player originally and any extra information that has been added to the want.
  • The ability to create cones & roadblocks to close off parts of SA.
  • To frisk players to discover what items the criminal is carrying as well the ability to remove such items.
  • A cuff system, allowing law enforcers to cuff criminals to prevent harm to themselves or fellow law members.
  • A location system, allowing law members to locate a criminal given a time delay on the information arriving to requester.
  • Criminals can be jailed, for a set time based on their wanted level, they may attempt to escape however failure may result in an extended sentence.
Criminal Organisations
Just like our Law organisations our Criminal organisations also have exclusive features, these organisations are split into 2 categories (Mafia & Gang), we currently have such gangs as GSF and FYB and Mafias such as The Milano Family and Orekhovskaya (Russian Mafia). Here is a combined list of the features gangs and mafias have access too.
  • The ability to take over turfs, which are clearly highlighted on the map via the org’s colours.
  • The ability to rob a bank, permitting there are a reasonable amount of law on. (Ordinary players can also rob stores within the server for a random amount of cash, they’ll keep the cash if they outwit the law).
  • To sell drugs to other players within the server, after ordering them from a dealer.
  • To be able to add the single player gang tag signs, to any object within the server, allowing gangs to choose which tag they will use to represent their presence. (These are dynamic and can also be removed at any point). Gang members can also scroll through images of the tags they have sprayed within the server dynamically.
House System
We recognise that players often like to have some place that they can call their own, which is why we have 80+ houses within the server, with more being dynamically added on a weekly basis to meet demand and ensuring that there are a variety of house types available for all players. A player has full control over their house, allowing them to buy and sell when required. House owners may also allow their house to be rented out to other players within the game, to create another source of income. Players also have basic functionality such as being able to lock and unlock their property. For an in-game currency cost, players may also have a custom gate fitted to their property dynamically to prevent them pesky intruders. Properties can also have safes, where players can store cash and weapons if required.

Business System
In addition to properties, players may also purchase businesses, we have 70+ businesses within the server, which allows players to invest their money, and in return they get a steady cash flow of income which is accumulated periodically regardless of if the player is online or not, players may invest additional money to upgrade the business, which results in a greater timely return.

Bank System
To store all of that money, that you will generate within the server, we have a fully functioning bank system, which has the following functionality.
  • Allows players to withdraw and deposit money from any bank or nearby ATM.
  • Allows players to complete bank account transfers between different bank accounts.
  • You can view your bank statement, to see what has gone in and out over the period of your bank account.
  • You may also collect the interest you have accumulated on the money you have within your bank account.
To ensure that all players are capable of driving, flying and riding vehicles, we have the following schools, requiring players to apply for each of their licenses.
  • Driving license
  • Flying license
  • Motorcycle license
  • Weapon License (Can be purchased in-game)
Personal Vehicle System
Throughout eLg there are a variety of car dealerships allowing you to purchase that pride and joy you have longed for. Within a dealership you may, test drive the vehicle, purchase the vehicle in a colour of your choice. Additionally, you may purchase insurance for the vehicle, and a custom number plate if desired.
  • All customisation and tuning are saved to personal vehicles when you quit the server.
  • User’s have full control over all vehicles (Engine, Lights, Storing items in the trunk, doors etc.).
  • Not happy with your vehicle anymore? No problem either sell it to a dealership for a set price, or go it alone and try and sell it to another player for a price of your choice.
  • If you own property, you may set where you want your car to parked, your car will then spawn there if you feel the need to reset its location, or to the nearest police department.
Jobs System
We have a variety of job mini missions, which players can take part in, this allows the player to earn some additional income if needed. We have the following Jobs currently:
  • Bus Missions
  • Trucking Missions
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Streak Train Missions
Clothes System
Not happy with your player’s attire? Then customise it, head to any of the nearest clothing stores, to purchase a large range of accessories, to attach to your player however you like. Items include Bandanas, Masks, Caps/Hats, Glasses, Watches and helmets.

Items System
There are a variety of 24/7 stores around San Andreas where players can purchase an assortment of items, these range from personal walkie talkies (Allowing players to have their own private channels), GPS (Allowing players to choose a location and a waypoint being set for them), Cell phone (Allowing players to call other players, send text messages, have a fully functioning contacts phonebook and many other features and other functional items (Cameras,Cigarettes,MP3 Player etc.).

Unique Interiors
We have a variety of unique and exclusive interiors within the server, allowing players to socialise in these custom places such as banks, hospitals, airports, bars and restaurants.

Event System
Recently we have implemented a dynamic event system, allowing for admins to set up unique and custom events ranging from DM/TDM to Capture the flag to Races, these events can be opened at any time in the server, and new ones created instantly, these allow for real time events to occur, and for us to vary the gameplay available within the server at any time.

Player Support
After years of experience we have developed a large range of player support mechanisms which ensures players are comfortable playing in the server, below these are listed.
  • A Help Desk Operator System- This is a dedicated team of players who can answer any player queries about the server, there are dedicated commands to enable you to ask questions and queries directly.
  • An Advanced Admin System- Our admin system allows us to identify any unwanted hackers, dmers or just general annoyances immediately allowing the admins to deal with any problems quickly and efficiently so that the players experience isn’t affected.
  • Roleplay School – We have a dedicated team of roleplay teachers that are on hand to teach players how to roleplay, either if you’re an experienced role-player who’s been out of the game for a while, or an amateur we cater for all roleplaying needs.
We look forward to seeing you soon! - The eLg Admin Team

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