Custom Objects Disappearing.


I've just made interior and everything was fine untill:
I compiled everything and went in-game to test my door if they would work.

Then the problem starts:
1. I couldn't test the doors if they are not there.
2. I went outside, the Gate is also not there.
3. I was driving around the city and some another objects are also not there.
4. I went down to another HQ, Not a single fence&gate there anymore.
5. What the acctual crap?
6. I just wasted 3 hours creating my interior from case 1.
7. Please help if you have mercy.

I'm using CreateObject for walls, tables, chairs etc.
Only CreateDynamicObject for gates/doors and some others(mostly)

Much thanks.

Much meow.

EDIT: Fixed as I converted every CreateObject into CreateDynamicObject.

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