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hello guys im sorry for this but idk did i post it in right place or no ! anyway

What is this ?

Actully this is an idea and unfinished work some guys requested that from me and suddnly he told he will shotdown the server anyway i wanted to trash it but i thinked about it and thought that might be usefull for someone so i post the unfinished code feel free to edit & finish it and release it by your own

Why did i post this useless code ?

well its not useless its an perfect idea but all went wrong so i wont work on it anymore

features that might you need to have :

login & register in website
4x different web pages
dealing items with other web users
depending on players licence (3x different auto working & earning in online marketing)
players can offer offline players a item selling
there is a Request Password for who those forget password (with 6x different Question that asked from first of registering)
showing online players at web
players propty ownership (xD)
Picture :

Pastebin :

Please read this before any comment

1- i wanted to make a map for this FS too but you know everything boom (pm me if you wanted a map)
2- dont comment me omg its shit why did you even release it ! its not a release i just share cod for who intrested in this idea and wanted to finish it
3- i wanted to add dynamic PC adding for houses or ... (pm me if you want this too)
4- i hope you understand why did i post this
5- about the pic its just whole things :S (it will defined in script to show wich and not show which)
have fun guys cya (sry for my bad eng)

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