Futuristic Gaming Roleplay

Hello genetlemen! Today i'd like to announce to everyone after a hard work from our staff that futuristic gaming roleplay has been opened with some unique stuff, We've got backpack system and repfam system, Too! Since we're new we're refunding each player a large backpack, 5millions and a GVIP!
Lets give you the information for our community:
Server IP:
The forums are currently under construction
Teamspeak is coming up soon

We're currently hiring some advisors

Factions that are opened:
San Andreas Police Department (SAPD)
San Andreas Fire Department (SAFD)
And many other factions will be opened depending on the playerbase.

There are also a plenty of gangs which are looking for leaders. So if you're interested its currently doesnt need you to apply, Just bring 5 friends and report for a slot!

Thats all! Thanks for your attention and we Hope seeing you there!

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