[PROJECT] Friday the 13th - First Screenshot (Alpha)

Hey guys!

I'm making a Friday the 13th server, the first horror-server in SA:MP

So, im glad to announce that the server will be avaible in June/July
The objective is for survive to Jason Voorhes, in Crystal Lake and more maps...

Will have spectator system, heal, weapons for Jason and victims and muuch more, you will love it!
Also you can unlock new characters with special abilities (include jason...). You will need Blood Points
The server will be avaible in 3 linguages: Portuguese-Brazil, English and Spanish.

Like us on ******** for more info: https://www.********.com/FRIDAY13THSamp/
If you don't do it, Jason Voorhes will visit you tonight

OBS: ALPHA VERSION in the Screenshot. Jason skin is changed, and chainsaw will be avaible only if you unlock it.


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