row lenght too long


I get in mysql.log row lenght too long >8126, so how i understand i need short my table? what is calculated in 8126 lenght? collumn names too?

Increasing innodb_page_size should work, but that will just mask the symptoms. The cause will probably need to be sought with the data model, or rather the lack thereof. If you need to add a number to a column name then you're doing databases wrong. I've seen things like "Vehicle5Mod13" far too many times and it makes my hair stand up. Hundreds of columns because people don't use or don't want to use relations.

Hm, if there is RPG server, there is a lot of stuff. Now i have about 600-800 collumns

That's not the point. Of course there's a lot of data. You're just not storing it properly. Anything that is not directly related to the player and anything that doesn't apply to all players should not be stored in the player table. Storing a lot of zeros and nulls is pointless and a waste of space. In general I wouldn't even go over 30 columns (yes, 30 not 300) columns for a single table.

This is a datamodel that I've drawn up in about 5 minutes and it shows how elaborate even a simple system can already be. Don't try to store everything in one or two tables because it's not going to work out and you're only going to limit yourself.


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