My Farewell Message

Well, I guess this is my farewell message... Keep on reading if you care, say something negative otherwise. It's whatever.

To be frank with all of you, I started as a way to support the one and only project that gave me something I can enforce my talent on, and something else I could possibly base my success on if other things I have a passion for don't work out so well, SA-MP - from me, to it (so things could remain functioning as intended). I wanted it to go far, but unfortunately I am cutting support for it on my behalf (see below for more information on this). I just don't think most of the current members that still play SA-MP deserve anything better than what they already have. It has become a very sour community. I have always been a humble and honest person (I've always stayed honest and loyal), but spending so much time here is slowly channeling me to not so positive things and causing me to reply to others, at times, in not such a friendly manner, or even try to joke once in a while so others don't think I'm being very serious, when I just find that a bit inappropriate as for the purpose of this forum in overall (there is a place and time for everything). I really enjoyed writing code and taking challenging tasks with all of you, though.

It has been a blast, ever since 2010. But I feel things are decreasing in quality every minute that passes by (literally), not only on this forum, but vastly in-game as well.

I like the silent method the SA-MP Team complies to (helps channel aside certain situations and many conflictive scenarios), but I'm afraid that's just not going to work out if it's an all-the-time thing. As much as I would like to, I just can't consider any of them as an idol or as an inspiration. Just not someone (or more like multiple individuals) I can always count on (I know this seems cheeky to an extent, but look at it as a friend-type of thing).

With all that aside, as for Please send a message to with a humble offer if you would like to take control over this project. After the 17th of January, the site will go down and if no-one is interested in bringing the project to new horizons, then it will probably never be seen online again.

@Mods: Please don't delete this thread. It's the last one I'll ever create, and the project ( is solely for the benefit of the members - let them decide what they want for a change.

Farewell, keep your chin up, stay strong, listen to your parents, go out of your comfort zone (key to success), and do what you enjoy because what you currently have will be slowly taken away from you every minute of your life. Family is everything.

Chow, chow.

Good luck with your life.

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Farewell, keep your chin up, stay strong, listen to your parents, go out of your comfort zone (key to success), and do what you enjoy because what you currently have will be slowly taken away from you every minute of your life. Family is everything.
Damn, that's the harsh truth of reality.

My thoughts exactly.

I used to be very cheerful and happy... Until I came here. This place is just bad.

People aren't nice, and most are a bad influence to me. You realise I rarely post anymore.

Coding is fun, but not for people who aren't worth it.

Your attitude has been serious since I met you. You rarely joke too tbh.

Let me be honest now, the worst influence of my life was, which pretty much died.

I never said or typed a single swear word before I went there.

That is the main reason why I released all my codes/mods. It is not worth it. I completely left it in April 2015 - for good.

Cya around


You were a nice guy, and I believe the community would miss you around.
Good luck with your life.


Your attitude wasn't 100 percent valid or correct everywhere, your posts/ replies on many topic was sarcastic or wasn't worth to be posted. Your contributions toward SA-MP are appreciated and your RZ-CNR was one of the coolest CNR script.

However, Good luck in your life, take care and farewell.

What ever the other people says you were an inspiration to me.Your programming skills and honest attitude always inspired me man. Your honest attitude was the thing made others to criticise you as they couldn't withstand the truth. I will miss u in this forum and your contribution to this community was valuable. Farewell friend

Farewell Sick, you'll be missed.

Good luck man, stay positive and strong.

Seriously? you call yourself humble? you can't simply acknowledge your terrible ego and crappy attitude.

Honestly you are one of those people look up to, and your terrible attitude hasn't been helpful to the general atmosphere of the forums, this forum has gone downhill when old idols of members faded away, being replaced by not so worthy ones.

I can understand SA:MP team's attitude toward this, a simple comparison to a couple years back can show how much the releases in forums have become of lower value, creativity being replaced by speed rivalries and crappy useless function adding to already good includes and plugins. I wouldn't update it either as long as there is not a single creative soul around to use it.

Anyways, whatever differences we had your effort and try earns you a proper farewell.
Have a nice life.

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