Help with Interiors


I have made a House System. It works perfectly but then I have public business like City Hall.
The problem is that I use to enter the cityhall this code:

SetPlayerVirtualWorld(playerid, 2);
SetPlayerInterior(playerid, 3);
SetPlayerPos(playerid, 388.4432, 173.6249, 1008.9648);
The teleport is doing correctly the problem is when I log off. When I relog-in I appear in a House of the House System that has the Interior ID 3. But I save the coordenates I don't know why I appear on a "private house".

The interior that I appear is this:

Int ID: 3
Coords: 2496.2087, -1692.3149, 1014.7422
There's any way I can send the player to the Hall without using Interior 3? Thanks!

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