Anti-Aimbot objects

I think everyone knows how aimbot(proaim) works but some of you dont know yet that if someone is behind any object he cant be aimed by the aimbotters. The square that shows you when you aim your weapon to someone will not be showed if the player is behind any object. You can shot him but aimbot wont do shit at this moment. My suggestion is to create an object that will be attached to the body. You may say that the player will be hided behind the object and i cant see him. I thought this and the object will be invisible. An invisible object like.... i dont know how to explain it.. like a cage or blankets. Every skin will have his own cage/blanket with the extent appropriate. It can be hard to create it. Anyone who has better idea, or can say something that can make this suggestion more understandable please post it.

Note: I will share this topic on all over forum. Dont warn me please, im just trying to help you and this community.

Maybe a bulletproof best would be a nice object.

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