Gamemode : Unknown

Hello, I'm currently having game-mode unkown error. I've tried everything, starting from downloading plugins/putting files in correct place. Nothing seem to do the magic.

When I run my samp-server.exe file. It says everything works fine, however my gamemode doesn't run at all which is annoying.

echo Executing Server Config...
lanmode 1
rcon_password check
maxplayers 50
port 7777
hostname SA-MP 0.3 Server
gamemode0 fresh_one
announce 1
plugins mysql.dll Whirlpool.dll
chatlogging 0
onfoot_rate 40
incar_rate 40
weapon_rate 40
stream_distance 300.0
stream_rate 1000
maxnpc 0
logtimeformat [%H:%M:%S]
language English

That is my CFG file.

SA-MP Dedicated Server
v0.3.7-R2, ©2005-2015 SA-MP Team

[17:30:07] Server Plugins
[17:30:07] --------------
[17:30:07] Loading plugin: mysql.dll
[17:30:07] >> plugin.mysql: R39-5 successfully loaded.
[17:30:07] Loaded.
[17:30:07] Loading plugin: Whirlpool.dll
[17:30:07] ==================
[17:30:07] Whirlpool loaded
[17:30:07] ==================
[17:30:07] Loaded.
[17:30:07] Loaded 2 plugins.

[17:30:07] Filterscripts
[17:30:07] ---------------
[17:30:07] Loaded 0 filterscripts.

[17:30:07] [MySQL] The connection was successful.
[17:30:07] Blank Gamemode by your name here
[17:30:07] ----------------------------------

[17:30:07] Number of vehicle models: 0

As you can see everything is loaded aswell.

@Iqba No. There isn't.
Also to clarify I have file called plugins which has whirlpool and mysql. So safe to say they're loaded both perfectly fine.

are you sure that 'fresh_one' is the gamemode you're trying to load ?

@Juvanii. I'm 100% positive. Also it appears that when I change what's inside main(). It changes. So safe to say my gamemode is actually loaded. But it keeps saying unkown for very odd reason.

It seems like everything loads perfectly fine. You've just haven't defined the gamemode text.

PHP код:
public OnGameModeInit()
SetGameModeText("Gamemode Here.");
mysql_errno() != 0)
printf("[MySQL] The connection has failed.");
printf("[MySQL] The connection was successful.");


@Tass. Thank you very much. I just got back to scripting. I wasn't aware of that.

Originally Posted by DavidLuango
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@Tass. Thank you very much. I just got back to scripting. I wasn't aware of that.
No problem. Glad I could help.

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