NPC/ Actor help

Hi. I have a zombie actor system on my script.

I can add to 999+ zombies, but my gamehost allows me only 5 because I use their CPU's.

How can I add more zombies with low consume of the CPU ?

Someone told me that I can do a thing what will allow me to add how many I want without using of CPU and taking from server slots.

Well, do the zombies move/attack, or do they stand still? There are 'actors', and then there are 'NPCs'. NPCs move and run off a script or with the help of plugins, can be controlled and will take up 1 player slot. Actors or peds will not consume player slots, but cannot move and only play animations.

Exactly which one are you using or trying to use?

I'm playing NPC's and I want to make somehow to add more NPC's without consuming of the CPU's of the gamehost, because they allow me only 5.

Well, I think you may be out of luck then. There's no way to create NPCs that use less CPU or any way to create an NPC that doesn't take up a player slot.

Thanks then

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