User Control Panel HELP (+1rep)

I've downloaded Sensation Roleplay's UCP. ( )

I've searched many tutorials about connecting a UCP to your database but I did not find anything good.

Can you help me how to do it? And UCp is loading so damn hard.

Thank you (Even if it's not PHP help zone, it's related to SA:MP scripting)

session_start();// Starting Session
include ("variables.php");
$connection = mysql_connect($dbservername, $dbusername, $dbpassword);
mysql_select_db($dbname, $connection);
// Storing Session
// SQL Query To Fetch Complete Information Of User
$ses_sql=mysql_query("select Username from Accounts where Username='$user_check'", $connection);
$row = mysql_fetch_array($ses_sql);
$login_session =$row['Username'];
mysql_close($connection); // Closing Connection

As that UCP isn't built around your script you'll most likely have to spend a lot of time re-working it to function with your script/server. This being said there shouldn't be any issues connecting it to your database.

I've had a brief look over the contents of that UCP. All your database configs are in "variables.php".

So, it would be easier for me to do new UCP?

I want only : Alive Hours ; Inventory items ; Equiped weapons ; Level ; Staff rank ; faction ; if faction leader ; if it's in ajail ; if it's banned .

Few things, not something complicated.

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