How to Learn

Hello How to Learn Scripting ?

learning but do not go out

Read this:

You'll be programming in pawn.

Thank you very much could be even advice?

So far there's been a suckish advice:
  • The wiki is a more or less a reference material; if you have no idea what you're looking for, it's of no use.
  • Pawn Language Guide is what the name says - a language guide. If you don't know the basics of programming, knowing the syntax if just useless information*. Read this once you're comfortable with the language and want to get into the nitty gritty details.
This simply isn't need for the absolute basics.

Pawn was my first language and it was a great jumping off point to more powerful languages like c++.
What helped me at the start was just making anything. I learned only when I didn't know how to do something and for that I had people to help me and this forums great community. Just have to know what to ask.

So my advice is - make something and show it to others for feedback; either publish it here or run a server. This will also give you the motivation to continue.

* - In my opinion and experience, if you don't see how to use the information, you're very likely to forget quickly. There's more useful things to do with ones time.

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