What's the best way to learn a new language?


I've been learning French for around 5 months now in very formal classes and I still can't catch conversational French maybe because it's too early for me? I believe that's not the issue, I'm not getting enough practice.

How would you guys suggest learning a new language, in a country that doesn't speak it? It's very rare to find French people in the country I reside in.

Watching movies, talk with yourself, I always talk English with myself

Im a french speaker and i will be happy to help...just tell me what's your native language ?
Of you love ROLEPLAY every other language will be easy for you to learn, i suggest you to find an Heavy and strict Roleplay server...and register with them and start communicate with your character...you won't notice that until you French will be beyond perfect...i know a good Roleplay server called Ce monde le votre Roleplay - The world is your Roleplay, they could help up...and if you need any help on french i'll be happy to help. Et Bon chance!

Join a French community online.

I heard that translate.******.fr actually are good to learn French. Just what I heard.

No this is not a troll.

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