Return guns [+Rep]

Hi Guys I got the holster system so when i switch Gun ID 0 its return fast to the killer guns
like knife or anything so guys i need to set it to return the gun after 3 seconds not faster

Sorry for my bad english!
This is the code!

pawn Код:
public OnPlayerUpdate(playerid)
    new w = GetPlayerWeapon(playerid);

    if(w != lastWeapon[playerid])
        if(lastWeapon[playerid] == 0) return lastWeapon[playerid] = GetPlayerWeapon(playerid);

        SetPlayerArmedWeapon(playerid, lastWeapon[playerid]);

    lastWeapon[playerid] = w;

    return 1;

Because you are doing this inside OnPlayerUpdate callback which gets called frequently. Create your own timer with the interval of 3 seconds and do the stuff there.

I try to change OnPlayerUpdate to HolsterOnPlayerUpdate and still switching fast.

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