Requesting for help.(+REP for helping)

hello everybody, I don't know how to make fire fighter mission script. so can someone show me an example how to make it?
i want an easy and simple example to learn about it.
i want to make some check points lead me to the explosions and when the fire fighter remove/extinguished the fire get money.
easy and simple example mike that.

Well, i can make the mission, checkpoints, money.. and uh.. those things, but i can't make when someone shuts the fire he gets the money.. or how to even detect if he shut it or nope.

so.. good luck finding one.

Xtreme. Thanks but. No probleme
show me example without getting the money.
then get reputation

The problem is the fire isn't synch with others players.

in other servers i see thier fire missions works good and no errors or bugs, works perfect and shown for all players

any help?

The Fires or Objects its simply coding basicially but the way i'd do it is probably different from yours

I don't really understand?
You want to script a Job right?

yes napst like that.

i think i'm able to make it but how to make auto explosion
and able to be stoped by the player

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