help please don't ignore(+REP for helping)

hi i got one error when i join my test server.
Listen the first of all my GM script is works good and compiled without any warning.
i added the crash detect and the native checker plugins in server.cfg and when i used the "samp-server.exe"
i don't find any error or something.
But when i join find big surprise and warnings spam without any details only "Incoming Warning"
here is picture and i hope you to help me and help my server too because i have community with 7-6 members

if someone helped me in this. i will give me him reputation everyday

Perhaps it's a filterscript..
Ctrl+F and search "Incoming Warning", in everything you implement GM + FS, name all of plugins as well.

i didn't find any thing. everything works good but when i made new two cmds.
/exit and /bombingschool.
and added them to the script i got those errors when i join my test server


When you delete the both commands, then it works? If so, can you send us the commands ("/exit" and "/bombingschool")

i got the error and i know how to fix it.
i added much objects in the GM
so i made them inside a filterscript and everything fixed

If it wouldn't work with the objects in the game mode but it does when they're in the filter script, you aren't solving the problem, just patching it temporarily. It's almost bound to happen again, I'm afraid. The object limit is the same regardless of whether they're added from the game mode or a filter script, so your problem appears to be with your game mode, rather than an issue with the object limit

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