Dynamic 3D Text Label

Hi, I tried getting a good label position for my injury system, it was good at first with:
CreateDynamic3DTextLabel("Injured Player\nType /injuries to view their injuries.", COLOR_LIGHTRED, 15.0, -0.45, -0.5, 15, playerid, INVALID_VEHICLE_ID, 0, -1, -1);
(If I remember correctly, the coordinates were something like that).
It was good in-game, the label was on player's back perfectly (in CS_Dead_Guy animation), but then it started acting weird. One time the coordinates were good, other time they were something else, the label was beside player's head, etc.
Later I tried to get the coordinates again, then I noticed that the position gets bugged if I teleport the player that has the label on.
Anyways what I'm trying to tell is that the label's coordinates are sometimes wrong, they are somewhere else on player. It might be problem in my coordinates as well, I don't know or is it a streamer bug? Anyways if someone knows the problem or knows a good label position for CS_Dead_Guy animation then tell me, please.

Cant say much without seeing it by myself. But you can recreate the label if you teleport a player.

Also you can use a timer which will get the animation of the player and if it is your wanted animation check and if needed recreate the label.

Ah, okay. I'll just use a label above player's head.

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