Runtime Error 19 - Sscanf not loading

I have the error where sscanf will not load on my server, resulting in a RunTime Error 19.
These are the Microsoft Packages I have installed:

I've been trying to fix this for like 4 hours now, seriously it's begging to get annoying, this is my plugins line in my server.cfg file.


plugins sscanf streamer nativechecker

Here's the begging of my gamemode, where all of the includes are:


#include <a_samp>
#include <core>
#include <float>
#include <time>
#include <file>
#include <utils>
#include <morphinc>
#include <a_npc>
#include <streamer>
#include <Dini>
#include <dutils>
#include <sscanf2>

Here's the pictures of my server root folder, the plugins folder, includes folder and the pawno includes folder...

Finally this is my Server Log:

It is likely I am missing something stupid as I've been messing around with this for ages, so it seems at least now so, if that is the case please forgive me... I reinstalled Windows 10 on this machine last night due to a WiFi error (and this being the only option) I backed up the server on my USB before the format it was all working fine, now I cannot get it to work... (I have copied it from my USB to my desktop, and no it doesn't run directly from my USB either.)

Thankyou for your time and efforts,

you missing sscanf.dll

Oh dam, I feel stupid could you provide a link please because how im feeling right now im sure ill some how confuse things.

SScanf v2.8.2

Brilliant, thankyou worked like a charm!

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