Mysql help (i don't really know how to resolve it) EDITED

Hi. I have an Admin Jail script, connected to database. When player is not in adminjail he is pJailed = 0

when he is in AdminJail he is pJailed = 1

but, in mysql, at pJailed section, to me it shows his TIME, not if he is ajailed or not.

I want to make a table where to every account it will show

like in this picture

1. [XX/ZZ/YYYY - Admin : [%s] - Time : [%d] - Reason : [%s]
2. [XX/ZZ/YYYY - Admin : [%s] - Time : [%d] - Reason : [%s]

but this for every player, like adminjail log per account.

And when he dies I don't know how to make to put him back to adminjail until his timer goes to 0.

When he quits and comes back, he falls from air.

Can you help me? Thank you


You need to provide us the code you using too.

Tell me what code you need

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