3dtext in all virtualworlds

How can i make this one show in all virtual worlds -1 doesnt work

pawn Код:
Create3DTextLabel("[/buyclothes]",0xFFFFFFFF, 217.6668,-98.4731,1005.2578, 20,27,1);


You have to create for each virtual world a new 3d text label.
Like this:
PHP код:
Create3DTextLabel("[/buyclothes]",0xFFFFFFFF217.6668,-98.4731,1005.257820,27,1);// virtual world: 27 
PHP код:
Create3DTextLabel("[/buyclothes]",0xFFFFFFFF217.6668,-98.4731,1005.257820,28,1);// virtual world: 28 
PHP код:
Create3DTextLabel("[/buyclothes]",0xFFFFFFFF217.6668,-98.4731,1005.257820,29,1);// virtual world: 29 

Okay thank you

The wiki mentions that using -1 as a virtual world will NOT display the text. Best option you have is using streamer plugin and dynamic 3D text labels which by default are shown to all players, virtual worlds and interior IDs.

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