/stats with dialog

This is my code and I want do show player stats with dialog. This is the code:

stock ShowStats(playerid, user)
new string[256], gender[8], famed[12], helper[12], vip[12], Float:H, Float:A, ogate1[8], ogate2[8], gate3[8], beta[12];
// Gender
if(Player[user][pGender] == 1) format(gender, sizeof(gender), "Male");
else if(Player[user][pGender] == 2) format(gender, sizeof(gender), "Female");
// Helper
if(Player[user][pHelper]) format(helper, sizeof(helper), "{00FF00}Yes");
else if(!Player[user][pHelper]) format(helper, sizeof(helper), "{00FF00}No");
// Famed
if(Player[user][pFamed]) format(famed, sizeof(famed), "{FF9900}Yes");
else if(!Player[user][pFamed]) format(famed, sizeof(famed), "{FF9900}No");
// VIP
if(Player[user][pVIP]) format(vip, sizeof(vip), "{C93CCE}Yes");
else if(!Player[user][pVIP]) format(vip, sizeof(vip), "{C93CCE}No");
// Beta Tester
if(Player[user][pTester]) format(beta, sizeof(beta), "{FFFF00}Yes");
else if(!Player[user][pTester]) format(beta, sizeof(beta), "{FFFF00}No");
// Gates
if(Player[user][pGate][0]) format(ogate1, sizeof(ogate1), "Yes");
else if(!Player[user][pGate][0]) format(ogate1, sizeof(ogate1), "None");
if(Player[user][pGate][1]) format(ogate2, sizeof(ogate2), "Yes");
else if(!Player[user][pGate][1]) format(ogate2, sizeof(ogate2), "None");
if(Player[user][pGate][2]) format(gate3, sizeof(gate3), "Yes");
else if(!Player[user][pGate][2]) format(gate3, sizeof(gate3), "None");
// Respect points and next level
new exp = Player[user][pExp];
new nxtlevel = Player[user][pLevel]+1;
new expamount = nxtlevel*4;
new costlevel = nxtlevel*2000;
// Health and Armor
GetPlayerHealth(user, H); GetPlayerArmour(user, A);

Please help me. I have tryed a lot to make a dialog but every times I've failed
Sorry for bad English

the param user is not needed remove it and replace it with playerid
PHP код:
if(Player[playerid][pFamed]) format(famedsizeof(famed), "{FF9900}Yes"); 

Thanks. I will try it

not work !! what i do ?


Can you show us your whole code? I see the variables and the things which you would like to show.
Did you start with the dialog or not?

i whould to do /stats like this :

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