Lag Problem i need support

Hello evry1

I have a problem is that I have a server with a rating of 70 ~ 90 users and it presents Lag and no longer can be causing it , optimize Timers , Strings among other things and did several studies of speed and yet not what else could make , besides that use static in local variables rather than new.

Sorry for my bad english i am spanish and this was translated, i come here cause in the spanish section all the scripters doesnt have the level than english scripters so that`s why.


Have you tried upgrading your host with better RAM and processor. Maybe the host specs are just not enough to support these much players?

Run the profiler plugin to see what consumes the most CPU time. An educated guess and past experiences point to OnPlayerUpdate and/or file IO.

The host is ok i am using only 20% of it... this happends in any host i was on a dedicated Server too... and same...

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