Create actor sitting in chair


I create chair object and actor apply sitting animation, but he is always is higher than chair he look like flying if i create actor with less z, he start to fall from interior...

Find a chair that fits animation : P

But i want to use exactly that chair id object..

Increase the height of the chair until it fits the animation then.

But chair is have to by in same height because it's place on ground i can't higher or lower put it..

You need to make the distance between the actor and the chair further then.

First off, actors (and all other ped-like entities) don't change their collision model when performing an animation.
That means that the actor basically still stands (collision-wise).

Second, the chair might have an imperfect collision model, if it's not detailed enough there is no chance to place an actor on it. Well, it's maybe possible in some cases but it might look different for every player.

Find a chair without collision, that will work. If it looks ugly, you can retexture it.

Retexture what it can change?

Originally Posted by ScIrUsna
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Retexture what it can change?
A retexture can change the texture (duh).
If you find a chair that works for what you planned but it doesn't look good, you can change its texture to some better looking wood texture using SetObectMaterial.

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