what texture here is


Maybe somebody can tell my what texture is in photo:


There are literally over 8000 textures, good luck...

Just looks like a screenshot of a wall taken with 16 bit color.

It's a nulled Box Textdraw.

    BlackBar2 = TextDrawCreate(651.000000, 362.000000, ".");
    TextDrawBackgroundColor(BlackBar2, 255);
    TextDrawFont(BlackBar2, 1);
    TextDrawLetterSize(BlackBar2, -0.409999, 12.100000);
    TextDrawColor(BlackBar2, 0x00000000);
    TextDrawSetOutline(BlackBar2, 0);
    TextDrawSetProportional(BlackBar2, 1);
    TextDrawSetShadow(BlackBar2, 1);
    TextDrawUseBox(BlackBar2, 1);
    TextDrawBoxColor(BlackBar2, 0x00000000);
    TextDrawTextSize(BlackBar2, -20.000000, 40.000000);
    TextDrawSetSelectable(BlackBar2, 0);

@Raza99 No offense, but I hope you were being sarcastic. Those black boxes are NOT textdraws. He edited the picture and covered his private stuff up with black rectangles.

He was asking about the wall's texture.

Frankly it would be best if he gave us more information, like more of the object. If we seen more of the object and seen that it wasn't a textured object to begin with we could identify the texture from the object's information. If it was a textured object in a server he doesn't own, he could get in trouble but there are not-so-friendly ways to get it. I will not talk about those ways or reference them any further than that.

Concrete, road, whatever. There are thousands of textures. Why are you looking for an exact match?


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