Capture the Plane

A few people where requesting this / complaining that there where capture the boat and car, but not a capture the plane..

Anyway, was bored today so finished this off. You start off as either a Drug Dealer based in Los Santos, or a Pilot based in Las Venturas. You have to steal the opposing teams Andromeda from their base, and fly it to San Fierro. 3 caps wins the game.

Thing is, due to the nature of the game, it is best ran for clan matches.
It requires a lot of co-ordination to defend the plane when you are trying to capture it, to fight off opposing Rustlers trying to kill you while capturing.

Also, when you capture the plane you are left stranded in San Fierro, with only 1 or 2 planes to leave with (which will be gone after a few caps), meaning you need your teammates to ferry you back to your spawn (hence the 'Ferrier' spawn character)

As well as this, with current limitations in SA:MP, you more than likely will need lanmode running for effective dogfighting.

But, in leu of these points, I bring you Capture the Plane.

Great, going to try this now, I'm new to SA-MP, could you please point me to the other capture scripts, please. Also it would be great if someone could host a bunch of scripts on 1 site like Aeron did for MTA:VC I hope I'm not asking too much, thanks. :P

there is a site here you go


I saw a server running this script last night. Mis understood it, sadly. I thought there was one plane that you had to hold on to o.O

Anyway, does sound like a fun game mode, are there any methods of securing your plane in the air (hydra/hunter) where, if the plane goes down it will respawn back at the teams base, such as capture the limo on GTA:LCS?

This is good stuff! Well done ;P

do you relise how old this topic is? it was problbly on like the 50th page, does it even compile correctly?


the download links dont even work anymore....................

Lol, I was about to download this & check it out, Until I released its prob not even 0.2 ready \o

A lot of people are posting in old topics lately ;o

Dudes!!!!!!! Don't bring this topic to life when it's dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+1 for topic bumping >.<

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