[FilterScript] Dynamic Actors

Read notes and installation guide otherwise you will get shitton of errors!

No this DOESNT NOT remove limit of 1000 actors per server! With this filterscript you can simply create actors and edit them while online without editing the script or such. All actors are saved inside the SQL

- Execute the query with my SQL code for the actors.
- Download latest MySQL plugin and place it inside your Plugins folder
- Download sscanf2 and place it inside your plugins folder
- Download ZCMD and place it inside your include folder
- Download Streamer and place it inside your include folder
- Edit your server config and add "mysql sscanf streamer" under "plugins".
NOTE: mysql must be FIRST inside server.cfg under plugins! First add mysql/mysql.so (.so if you are on linux) and save it!

- In order for actors for actor to appear you have to do /reloadactors
- Actor will read player animation when editing or creating it and save it.

- createactor [skin id] [Name] - It will create a new actor at your location with YOUR animation with some name
- setactorskin [actorid] [skinid] - Sets some actor to certain skin id
- setactorname [actorid] [new name] - Sets some actor name to certain name
- moveactor [actorid] - moves the actor to your current position
- reloadactors - destroys and re-creates all actors. This can take a long time to execute (up to 10-15 seconds delay caused) since it has to destroy and re-create all of them.

SQL Structure
In order to run this code you will have to run this code inside your query in mysql. You will also have to create a database manualy where you want to store this table!And dont forget to edit source code to your new DB. Change #define db "survival" to your database name!

v.1.0: http://paste2.org/LvXf4FN7
v.1.0: http://www.megafileupload.com/fldZ/fs.pwn

- Zeex for ZCMD
- ****** SSCANF
- Incognito for the streamer
- BlueG for mysql plugin
- Kye for SA:MP
- People from SA:MP & skype that helped me out to test this
- Alcatrik for helping me out all these years and teaching me how to script!



Great Job.
Keep it Up.

Could be edited as a framework to extend Texture Studio maps with some editing

Originally Posted by Pottus
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Could be edited as a framework to extend Texture Studio maps
That would be lovely!

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