TDM in game mode ideas?

Hi all, I though for this for a long time:
A server based on small maps, a sort of Team Deathmatch, with different in game modes(such as FFA TDM etc)
I though about a search and destroy map only for a whole gamemode, but that'd be too small server.
So, I need help with modes such as S&D, FFA, TDM, GG(Gun Game), Those 4 already exist in the gamemode.
What do you guys enjoy to play?


Here is a list of Suggtions

- Captureable Bases (Instead of Zones)
- Maybe Set all players (Of the Captured Base) to 0 ? idk it just occured to me
- Well Instead of Weapon Shops (Like other servers), Use Ammo Crates and have a Max Ammo or/Type of Guns/ Weight u can carry so it cant be abused

^^ The above suggtions is for a WAR Server

~Good Luck

I meant like, a mode type for my gm, not war. xD

well i dont have any idea :RIP:

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