Looking for a VPS...

Hello guys

im looking for a vps buget: [1 - 4$/month]

- 1GB Ram or 500mb should do i think
- my last VPS had 4 CPU try to get one like that
- 1TB or 500gb bandwitdh
- SolsVM Control Pannel

-Thanks for ur help

You're not going to get a quadcore for less than $4. Try ramnode.com.

i got before .. via a the 2nd Annversary offer of weloveservers.net but they sold there comapny atm

thx for the repnse tho


Given your budget - https://lowendbox.com/

Try this too - https://lowendbox.com/blog/cybex-hos...ar-in-germany/

https://www.ovh.co.uk/ - not quite your price but good enough

Have you checked OVH? it's pretty cheap.

Porthosts.com Way too expensive.


4$/month is very low budget for vps,i suggest that increase your budget then only you get a very good vps.

Check out http://www.chicagovps.net The cloud range is openvz and uses the SolsVM panel (The kvm vps range does also). Since they got bought by a different company the quality has gotten way better. And you will be at about the $4-5 range for your specs you want. Also there is no ddos protection, but i do believe they offer it. I have a kvm vps for a vpn, irc bouncer, and owncloud and i have yet to have any downtime since i got it around the first of this year.

Or if you can raise your budget a bit check out http://www.nfoservers.com, ive been with them for a few years and have had great luck with them, their smallest vps is about $9 a month, so double of what your looking for unfortunately.

well i can give you a VPS for 4$ .PM me for more details .

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