I want you to help me :)

Please read this.
Well,I'm hosting a server seriously i'm new in scripting i can't understund anything from this tutorials i want to script a Roleplay Cops and robbers gamemode
I'm trying 2 weeks ago to learn and get teached and i didn't understund anything from the codes that i will add i have some gamemodes but it isn't the gamemode that i need
I Have a pawno file with lines and it's not completed it miss more commands and skins/classes/etc.. and it doesnt work it says that need some files like zcmd/float/foreach/a_samp/...... and some files like this.
Well i'm requesting you guys to teach/help me how to create my own gamemode and what things i need to put to create a Roleplay cops and robbers server.
Hope you help me here, Thanks
Look i have some gamemodes and the problem is that i don't understund the pawno and how to add that files you wrote i mean that i don't have it on my PC
In the last i don't understund anything from the pawno and i hope someone help me about it

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